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5000 Watt Generator

5000 Watt Generator

A 5000 watt generator can provide a solution for power backup for both residential and commercial customers. When there are power outages the generator can be used for businesses to keep vital equipment running without interruption as well as providing a solution for safely shutting down system networks and reducing the risk of losing data or damaging network hardware.Residential customers can use a 5000 watt generator to provide electricity to the home in order to keep refrigerators and freezers running to prevent food from thawing and spoiling. Other uses in the home could include running portable heating and air conditioning units, fans, cooking appliances, electrical lamps, charging cell phone or any other type of electrical device needed.When power has been out for an extended period of time, drinking water from the tap should be boiled before it is used for cooking or drinking.

People that have a 5000 watt generator are able to provide power to a cooktop, microwave or electrical hot plate in order to boil water, as well as the ability to cook other food and prepare meals. Once power has been restored, it still may be necessary to continue to boil water for several days until notified by the water company that the water is safe for drinking. Construction companies can benefit from use of a 5000 watt generator because it provides the ability to run construction equipment at construction sites where electrical lines and outlets may not have been installed, such as in new subdivisions. Some types of generators include outlets for both 120 volt standard plugs, as well as 120 volt and 240 volt twist-lock outlets. There could even be a 12 volt DC outlet available on a 5000 watt generator which can be used to charge 12 volt batteries. Certain models may even come with automatic engine starting using a built in battery with a pull-start mechanism for starting for when the battery does not have enough charge to turn the motor over. Other features available on generators could include steel frames and quiet motors.

5000 Watt Generator

A 5000 watt generator can produce electricity for different periods of time per tank full of fuel depending how much of a load is needed for items plugged into the generator. Certain models can generate power for around nine hours at half loads per tank full of fuel. If the generator does not need to be run constantly, a full tank of fuel will last even longer. It is a good idea to have a few safe fuel storage containers on hand in order to provide longer run times. A 5000 watt generator can be found online from Generator Depot,, and has free shipping; a one year warranty for residential customers or 1000 hour warranty for commercial customers, as well as no sales tax has to be paid for orders shipped outside the state of California. In addition to providing backup power solutions, Generator Depot also carries pressure washers, air compressors, and water pumps. For questions or assistance with placing an order call 800-311-0506.